The History of Tegatron and Micro-Check®

Tegatron, Inc. became a pioneer in the gravure industry by introducing the “Tegatron” rollscope and analog line generator in the early 1980’s. This system was the first “plug and play” video measuring rollscope system to feature a motorized focusing mechanism and adjustable light and depth. Still used today, it can be upgraded to a PC based system incorporating the latest Micro-Check® X-Y-Z software.

In 1996, Shima American Corporation received the exclusive license for the Micro-Check® PC based video measuring rollscopes and software. Using the DOS based software, Shima updated Micro-Check® for use with Windows 98. The latest Micro-Check® X-Y-Z software continues to be the only portable PC based software that automatically targets and measures multiple sizes of gravure cells. It has now been upgraded for use on a laptop computer.

Prograf and Tegatron, Inc. recently announced their agreement to form a strategic alliance for the advancement of both companies’ products in the rotogravure and flexographic printing industries. Tegatron will continue to manufacture, upgrade, and repair existing and new Tegatron and Micro-Check® systems.

Prograf will market and sell the combined systems. Prograf will also continue to develop and support its leading edge Micro-Check® X-Y-Z software in the printing and other vertical industries.

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