Robotic 3D Laser-MicTM System
Portable Notebook Computer

Current Technology Notebook Computer
Rugged, portable 3-D Laser-MicTM with
1 standard objective features superior optics many times more powerful than most field scopes. Holds up to 3 objectives. Options include: 2x, 5x, 10x w/ (standard), 20x, 40x and multi-position rubberized legs
Dual laser beam scanning; or white light
Preloaded with Micro-Check® 3D MAXXTM Software
All cables included
Advanced capabilities include:
True volume
True depth
Non-contact surface roughness
Multiple image comparison
Database storage of all information/images and more.

For inspecting, precise measuring of microscopic objects and surface roughness on wafers, cylinders, rolls, plates and critical components. Especially unique and desirable in flexographic printing plants, gravure plants, and critical microscopic quality inspection applications.

3D MAXX under

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3D Laser-MicTM
System Guide
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3D Laser-MicTM
Quality Guide
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